Dracula Company:
blowm glass factory
Value of company: 6.790.000
Ask price: 3.500.000 Euro
Down payment: 787.500 Euro
Installment for 84 m: 53.000

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Adrian Mihailovici

    As Sales Manager for Avia Motors I negotiated, I studied financial market and implemented any new financial solution immediately. For ex. when Volskbank Leasing came on the market in 2001 with very good offers - as leasing for physical persons - I prepared solutions for people and as a result, 55% of clients were physical persons.
    By recruiting the agents, training them on sales techniques, products, competitive analyze, my system had success and our sales exceeded in 2001 with 171% the results we had in 2000. In this way my company achieved the 2nd place in top dealers Skoda. As against, our competitor in Bucharest was on the 5th place.
After 2 more years we succeeded to get even a better result: Avia – a very small company with limited resources – got on the 1st place and left beyond its most important competitor –Porsche Romania who had been on the first place before.
    As Sales Manager for equipment and heavy commercial vehicle department in VB Leasing, I created and managed a new sales team (70% of the team was new after the old team had left at the same time). Even if the new team I was forming had no experience in leasing, during the first half of year 2007 I signed contracts in amount of 42 million euro. This represented a 155% growth in financial value comparing with the similar period of the previous year when the team had been complete and experimented in leasing. more details ...