Dracula Company:
blowm glass factory
Value of company: 6.790.000
Ask price: 3.500.000 Euro
Down payment: 787.500 Euro
Installment for 84 m: 53.000

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Dracula Glass factory for sale with price for land
Dracula Glass factory for sale at half price
2 factories in one (metal processing and glass)


Industry : glass

Subject: offer for sale factory in Romania
The blown glass factory has been established in 1994 and she is the present legal Ltd in Romania
Company is the only one which has in production the longest blown glass (120 cm).


Pesimist value of company:7.440.000 Euro
Ask price: 3.500.000 Euro

If you buy in leasing
Down payment: 787.500 Euro
Installment for 84 months: 53.000 Euro
Comments: monthly turnover generate by actual export and palpable contracts 150.000 Euro
Estimated montly sales would be 412.500 euro

Coments: the value of the land in there
area is 1.440.000 Euro

Financial Summary (30.12.2007) – EURO
Revenue: 1.532.783
Operating Profit: 99.246
Net profit: 55.087*
Total Assets: 1.346.053
Capital and reserves 1.150.132
The profit is small because the company made big investment in new equipment and new industrial ware house 2000 m ( last 4 years the company win ~ 500.000 euro / year )
* more detail in financial in financial date

Turnover estimated: 4.950.000 Euro / year
Profit estimate: 990.000 Euro / year

Business summary

Factory manufacturing glass cleaning fine, located near by Bucharest fully equipped, along with the entire portfolio of clients and suppliers. At present the factory operates at 30% of capacity, so the practical buyer takes over the business "key", with the current owner to give assistance, and relations with all beneficiaries and providers collaborators. The main destination of the products being the EU. All opinions running from day ecologic investment in the environment.


THE factory has an important amount of experience and expertise in producing and selling blown glass, including the metal part.

The company can produce any mood inside the company because he has all equipment for build mould and packet for glass.

Out of all glass producers in Romania, The Installations authorized by environment. Through implementation of this system unique in Europe has managed a reduction in gas costs by approximately 60%.

Due to the quality of its products and services,the COMPANY has been able to keep the traditional clients and to expand on new markets. Well respected established mattress factory with loyal clientele.

The largest capacities from Romania to extract the blown glass – 21 Tone / day

Maximum flexibility in production.


Refurbishing of main production units in order to assure the increase of capacity, decreasing technological loses and allowing us to obtain a good quality.
New Romanian brand – Dracula Glass

The profit is small because the company made big investment in new equipment and new industrial ware house 2000 m
* more detail in financial in financial date


Facilities: - gaz highway, capacity 21 tone / day
It is composed of land in the area of 24000 square meters, the area of 4000 square meters built, including workshops glass, mechanical workshops, storage spaces raw materials and finished products, loading ramps, warehouses and subassembly exhibits, offices, bedrooms, changing rooms, toilets. They are included in the price of sale and equipment: lathes, mills, press, packaging machines, baking bands, ovens, transport and raw material existence at the time of concluding the contract for sale - buy.
Furnaces equipped with auxiliary equipment burning with residue (oil) plant. Ovens are equipped with complete facilities and recuperate. Land area: 24,000 square meters free area: 21,000 sq m -1 oven 12mp - -1 furnace in operation 12mp - RK -1 oven 4mp-RK -3 bands -1 annealing furnace decor-section sanding and engraving-mechanical workshops ultra-equipped workshop processing iron hot and cold. Self - park home living for personal-employee administrative buildings- industrial halls, warehouses, etc.
Other: complete equipment
- a transformation own
- water 80 sm (fountain)
- energy 220-380
- road access own
- 50 km from the international airports Baneasa and Otopeni, Railway Link to 2 km
- guaranteed market Romanian

Employees : 140 with 500 euro medium salary
Management has experience more than 30 year in production of blown glass

Sales details

Sales Urgent
Object of sale: Company and assets
Reason of sale : retirement of the owner(health)
Other: The sale included the contract
Price : negotiable
Suport & Training : included

Contact information

Adrian Mihailovici


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